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Welcome, my name is Mike Yap, and I’m the creator of Sound of Om. If you’re interested in meditation or yoga or feel compelled to discover the God within, this page was created for you!

This page contains all the information you will need to start your own spiritual practice.

Please take your time to digest the knowledge that is being shared; read slowly and absorb at your own pace. We want the knowledge to be absorbed into the Heart, where the source of all creation takes place.

May all of your creations have just the right flavour, and may the joy of discovery be your guide.

– Tim Ferriss


  1. Let’s begin with the most important topic. Forget all the self-help books. We begin with the only topic needed for change, the question of “what is meditation?”
  2. Now that we understand what meditation is and how to practice it, we can begin to dive into the philosophy behind the practice. Find out what the true meaning of Yoga is.
  3. Where does the practice of Yoga originate from? Hatha Yoga comes from a set of ancient teachings which is called Tantra. The Tantras are the highest form of knowledge I’ve come across.
  4. So Tantra sounds amazing, right? But you might be wondering if there something even higher? Is there a stream of knowledge that gives instant enlightenment if fully understood? Yes, there is! Some call it the “cream of the crop” of Tantra. The highest principles of all the Eastern religions. In my humble opinion, the wisdom of Kashmir Shaivism, which examines consciousness, is the greatest form of knowledge to ever exist.


  1. Kashmir Shaivism describes the manifestation of the universe in great detail, through something known as the 36 Tattvas. When you study these sequences of elements you are reading the manual of how you created this universe.
  2. What is a mantra?
  3. Why is the word Om so popular in Yoga? What does it represent?
  4. What is kundalini Yoga?
  5. What is a guru, and how do you find one?
  6. What is the real meaning of enlightenment?
  7. Is this Universe already perfect?

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