Ocean of Consciousness

Ocean_of_ConsciounessIf we imagine the world as an ocean, we are like the ripples on the ocean. Formations like ripples and waves occur, because of wind, tides, and other kinetic forces. In the Buddhist analogy, the universe is in motion due to karmic forces. A ripple, a wave, or a billow may seem as an individual entity for a moment, creating the illusion that it has a self, but it is gone in the next moment. The truth is that all individuals are one. A ripple is a temporary phenomenon; it is just water in motion. We know that kinetic energy causes wave forms on a body of water and it would be ridiculous to say that a single ripple or wave has a self.

The pearl is in the oyster. And the oyster is at the bottom of the sea. Dive deep.

– Kabir

Similarly, in case of beings, the process of coming into life and being conditioned in a particular way is caused by karmic forces. The up and down of the ocean’s waves corresponds with the rotation of the wheel of life. The sea that surges, falls, and resurges, is the life that is born, dies, and is reborn again. It is therefore obvious that we should not focus on the temporary phenomenon of the wave, but on the force that causes, forms, and drives it.

Ocean of Consciousness Components


  • a wave on the surface
  • it cannot be said that an individual wave is separate from the ocean


  • a small area of the ocean inhabited by waves (souls)
  • depending on the location on the ocean, the world appears different
  • each wave affects the other waves in that area; there are still waves and violent waves


  • the entire ocean from surface to infinite depth


  • lies at an infinite depth which cannot be found

As the wave moves upwards, life is experienced in this world. As the wave moves downward towards the depth of the ocean (God), it builds momentum which allows it to move upwards higher (experience life more), which affects itself and other waves in this world.

Eventually if the wave reaches a great enough depth and height, it becomes Shiva/Shakti.

This world (or this life) is a length of time. The time is represented in the area of this world. Waves will eventually move on to another world (area on the ocean) with similar waves (small or large).

There are different levels of depths (consciousness) that you can reach. The ignorant will always stay at the surface level of reality – surrounded by waves of similar length. The wise will ride the waves of the ocean understanding it’s play. There is nothing to accomplish, the goal is not to stay at the depth.

The wise see that their wave affects other waves. They see that they are all part of the same ocean. They aim to touch the depth of the ocean and hold a remembrance as their wave moves up to the highest peaks of the surface.

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