Theory of Reflection

PratibimbavadaThe theory of reflection (Pratibimbavada) is meant for advanced yogis. A practitioner of this theory is profoundly aware in all their daily activities, viewing the world (outside) as an emission from their God Consciousness (inside).

While they are involved with the five senses, they see that all of these actions are actually moving inside their Consciousness. To them, there is no action devoid of knowledge, because when you see that it is God who is acting, then you come to know Him. Their perception then becomes unlimited because there are infinite possibilities inside of Consciousness. When one sees nothing but a singular and shared divine energy in all things, the consciousness can no longer go astray. The sadhana is fed by the entirety of experience, and no longer by inconsistent fantasies of purity, of spiritual realization, of power or greatness.

When the yogi mentally becomes one with the incomparable joy of song and other objects, then of such a yogi, there is, because of the expansion of his mind, identity with that (i.e., with the incomparable joy) because he becomes one with it.

– Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

This practice can be immensely life-changing, as you become the watcher of the dance rather than the one who is danced. Life becomes a fun, creative play of the Shakti. Essentially, you view the world as a creation from within.

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