Midpoint Meditations

How to do Midpoint Meditations?

Midpoint_MeditationsMidpoint meditations are when you focus on the gap between one breath and another, or between one thought and another. This requires extreme amounts of focus, as your mind will naturally wander. Keep bringing it back to focusing on the gap.

After focusing on the fractional pause between the flow of the breath or thoughts for awhile (maybe 5-10 minutes), you will notice something beautiful start to happen. I won’t spoil the surprise, but what I will tell you is that this practice is thousands of years old for a reason. It is believed that even the Buddha gained enlightenment using this practice of focusing on the pause between the in and out breath.

What are the Benefits of Midpoint Meditations?

The moment of stillness found in the pause will begin to open you up into the vastness of Consciousness, into what Sanskrit is called the madhya (midpoint), the centre, the inner space where we experience our connection to God.

God is at the midpoint of all things.

– Julian of Norwich

You will recognize that Pure Awareness can be found in the space between two thoughts or two breaths. It is also found in the background of the mind that is prior to the mind. It is the eternal witness of the mind.

The intermediary state suspended between the object left and that which hasn’t yet attained there, O Mother! is that which (the yogis) consider to be Your nondual reality.

– Maheshwarananda

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