Bioenergetic Stool


The use of the bioenergetic stool is great for everyone. The stool is simple to make, allows for thoracic extension, and promotes flexibility, deep breathing and good posture.

Why use a Bioenergetic Stool?


A majority of people in the world fail at achieving all of these. This is because of repetitive movement patterns. As I often say, the world is a forward world. Most people sit at a desk, work on a computer, reach forward toward a mouse or sit for long periods of time while driving. Constantly being in these types of postures cause the shortened muscles (chest, lats, front of shoulders, etc.) to become tight and the lengthened muscles (muscles of the upper back) to become weak.

This leads to rounded shoulders, upper and lower back pain, neck pain, poor posture, and improper movement patterns. These types of muscle imbalances can only be fixed through corrective stretching and exercise. The bioenergetic stool is a great tool that will assist you in achieving this goal.

How to Create Your Own

This video illustrates how you can easily make your own.

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