Yoga is the union with the divine. There are various definitions of the word, but ultimately it is a practice to connect us with the divinity inside ourselves.

The great Yoga is to drink, to eat, to touch, to see, to walk, to sleep, to urinate, to defecate, to listen, to remain silent, to speak, to dream, to love, to sit, to cross the street, to get on a bus, to travel through town and country, sights and sounds, beauty and ugliness without ever being separated from the divine, which is in the self. No type of yoga is better than that which isn’t afraid of immersion in reality. Outside of reality, there is not a single trace of the absolute.

– Tantric Quest by Daniel Odier

Centered Living

Living from your own centre takes practice. When you see life as an ongoing spiritual training, you live inside a view that lends significance to even the most ordinary interactions. When you live from the centre, you don’t think in terms of winning or losing, success or failure. Instead, you only think about the practice. This is why we call it a yoga practice. It’s about maintaining your attention on your inner awareness. Develop the habit of checking in with yourself throughout the day, to monitor your state so that you can recognize when you have slipped off-centre, and then discover how to return.

The true man of God sits in the midst of his fellow-men, and rises and eats and sleep and marries and buys and sells and gives and takes… and yet never forgets God even for a single moment.

– Abu Sa’id Ibn Abi’l-Khyayr

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