(860–925) was the author of the famous Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta. The author was believed to have amassed knowledge and recognition through direct realization. He was a native of Kashmir and was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. One night Shiva appeared to Vasugupta in a dream and instructed him to go to a particular place called Harvan. There in the forest of Myna he found a large rock nestled on the side of a small stream. By his mere touch the huge rock turned over and the mysteriously inscribed Shiva Sutras were revealed to Vasugupta. This rock became known as Shankar Pal or the rock of Shiva. Even today devout Kashmiri Saivas pray at the destined place. Vasugupta also wrote the Spanda Karikas as a commentary on the Shiva Sutras. He paved the way for later scholars for a cultural and religious renaissance in Kashmir which continued for four centuries till the forcible advent of Islam.

Vasugupta is the founder of the system of Hindu philosophy known as Kashmir Shaivism, also called Hindu Tantra.

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