Anjali_MudraAlong my journey home, I have met many amazing teachers along the way who have played a major role in my life—a most humble pranam to all of you.

Without you I am nothing, with you I am everything.

I hang out with my guru in my heart. And I love every thing in the universe. That’s all I do all day.

– Ram Dass

Please note that the below categories are all the same: Yoga, Tantra, and Life are just different words describing what is real and eternal.


  • Paul Muller-Ortega (Blue Throat Yoga) — one weekend with you on Kashmir Shaivism, was enough to unfold some deep understandings which structure how I view the world today. Every word of yours connected me to something so much greater.
  • Mark Dyczkowski (Anuttara Trika Kula) — the humblest person I’ve met. You are truly opening pathways for the Shiva-Shakti union. Your online courses are available for everyone, one of the most beautiful dharmas. You are one of the greatest masters of Kashmir Shaivism we have today. Your teachings and humility to God will forever resonate in my heart.
  • Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis — Tantra Illuminated is one book I recommend to anyone starting on the Tantric path. I’ve never read something so clear and beautiful (other than the sutras of course).


  • Leanne Kitteridge (Shibui Yoga) — the one who opened my heart. Reflected the possibilities of connection, love, and beauty one could have in this world. My experiences in life reflect your teachings. You are forever in my Heart.


  • Me (Sound of Om) — no one can teach you more about yourself than yourSelf.
  • Sunny Gosal — one of the best friends, companions, and brothers a guy could have, without you this journey Home would have unfolded a very different way.
  • Mom and Dad — to the ones who set my foundation, guiding me to grow. I couldn’t have asked for better parents, thank you for giving me the freedom and support to focus on my spiritual practice. I love you.

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