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Everyday as you sit, stand and walk, gravity compresses your spinal cord. During your waking hours, you can temporarily lose up to a half inch or more in height each day! An inversion table reverses this downward pressure on your spine. It is a form of spinal decompression and is a form of spinal traction.

Securing you in place by the ankles, an inversion table lets you tilt back to an inverted position, allowing your spine to lengthen and hydrate. Inversion also increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your head.

5 Benefits of Inversion Tables

There is a new trend that is gaining more and more followers. Therefore, nowadays there is an increasing number of people who buy inversion tables. Just as the name suggests it, an inversion table hangs you upside-down for a few minutes, this being absolutely amazing for the back. This is a non-invasive form of treatment that actually works. If you are wondering about its benefits, here you have a list of five benefits, as follows:

1. Releases the pressure from the spine

No one has ever stopped to think about gravity and its effects over the human body. This is actually a powerful force that weighs down on people all the time. Therefore, the pressure gathers over the day, forcing the vertebrae in your spine to compress. During this process there is created pressure on the nerves from your spine, and therefore you experience back pain. Therefore, the inversion therapy turns you upside-down, forcing the vertebrae to loosen up, releasing pressure on the nerves and alleviating back pain. If you have experienced this tension, you know how bad is the pain that makes you feel tired. Luckily, you can treat it with the innovative inversion table.

2. Improves circulation

There are many people who buy inversion tables because this therapy improves the circulation in the body. Additionally, by forcing the spine to compress, it can also force the blood to pool in the lower extremities of the body. If you have circulation problems, you can counteract them by using the inversion table, being able to send more blood to the brain. You don’t have to stay too long upside-down, since a few minutes are enough to improve circulation and brain activity.

3. Improves flexibility

Besides those who suffer from back pains, there are also those who practice fitness and use inversion tables in a regular basis. This happens because inversion tables allow them to stretch the body in unique positions, improving flexibility. There are many people who have stated that after lying upside-down they were able to move their body more easily.

4. Releases the neck pain

It is said over and over again that inversion tables are great for the back pains. However, it should be also mentioned more often that they also have amazing effects concerning neck pains. Therefore, by stretching the spine you can also relax the muscles in the neck and the shoulders. Usually those who spend several hours in front of the computer experience such pains, being able to benefit from the inversion therapy.

5. Helps muscle relief

You probably know the exercises when you have to stretch and to touch your toes. As you well know, they are made before any sports, helping the muscle relief. If you can’t touch your toes no matter how hard you try there is no problem because you can simply hang upside-down, stretching the muscles in the back, hips, and hamstrings. In this way you can relax your muscle into a stretch.

Instructions for Use

If you are new to inversion tables, start out gradually to get use to the feeling of being inverted. You don’t need to go completely upside down right away. Start with a small inverted angle and work your way up to a full inversion at your own pace. You can begin with a few minutes a day and add more time as your comfort level grows. I generally hang for 20 minutes a day.


Do yourself a huge favour this week and go out and buy an inversion table. It will improve your energy as well as keep you balanced, so that you can enjoy the dance of life in this crazy world!

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