Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

A dialogue between King Janaka and his Guru, Yagnavalkya:

Janaka: Yagnavalkya, what serves as the light for man?

Yagnavalkya: The light of the sun, Your Majesty; for by the light of the sun man sits, goes out, does his work and returns home.

Janaka: True indeed, Yagnavalkya. But when the sun has set, what serves then as his light?

Yagnavalkya: The moon is then his light.

Janaka: When the sun has set, O Yagnavalkya, and the moon has set, what serves then as his light?

Yagnavalkya: The fire is then his light.

Their dialogue regresses through a series of lights, resolving itself in the ultimate and irreducible light, the light of the Self. That Self is the Conscious Heart of the universe.

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