Matrika Shakti

I held the space of utmost stillness while I stared into the face of my Beloved. She was hidden in the space between the subtlest vibrations.

– Mike Yap


In Sanskrit, the power of sound is called Matrika Shakti, the inherent creative energy behind the letters that make up words. It is said that each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet has a corresponding sound vibration both in the subtle energy channels of our bodies and in the cosmos. When these sound vibrations resonate with a corresponding vibration within us they create thoughts, then these thoughts gradually manifest the grosser forms of feelings and then speech. The Matrika Shakti resides in our energy body and rises of its own free-will into consciousness, manifesting as our thoughts.

Mother Matrika is the master director of the three malas and she resides in the top of the skull as the sahasrara.

The Play of Matrika

Sit quietly and watch the play of Matrika Shakti. Watch how the Matrika gives rise to letters, how the letters compose words, how the meaning of the words compose images in the mind; watch how you become involved in these images.

The yogi pursues Matrika Shakti; he watches it and makes it steady. He brings it under his control, he manipulates it any way he likes. He turns evil thoughts into good thoughts. The Matrika Matrika works according to his will. Such a yogi is called a conqueror of the senses.

One who understands the play of Matrika Shakti and makes it still, rises above pain and pleasure. One cannot attain peace as long as he is driven by the play of Matrika Shakti. For this reason, one has to practice yoga. Through yoga, the movements of the mind are stilled and the power of Matrika is overcome.

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