Dear Shiva: A Letter of Love

Dear Shiva,

O Divine Masculine

I love you

And your desire to open me

I truly want to receive your gift

Your divine penetration

But I ask for one thing:

In order for my Shakti to come and play with you

For my magical Yin energy to dance with you

I ask first for your presence

Please hold me

Hold me in your presence

Hold me in your arms

Hold me with your body

And wait..

Drop all the goals

Drop the need to do anything

And wait..

Simply observe and be

For I will, on my own time,

Begin to awaken

Once I feel the steadiness

The unwavering quality of your being

I will feel safe

I will begin to emerge from my deep hiding place

And begin to dance for you

O beloved Shiva, I promise you have never seen a dance so sweet!

I will open to you

O beloved Shiva, you have never seen an opening so beautiful!

I will draw you in

O Shiva you have never felt an invitation so divine!

Then, and only then, my beloved,

I invite your penetration

Your divine instinct

To make love to me

Let your Shiva dance with my Shakti

Watch our divine dance

And merge into the bliss

Of such complete wholeness

This is my invitation to you.

Your beloved,

– Shakti

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