How to Improve Posture

Good_PostureThe importance of good posture is undisputed. When in a seated posture, typically cross legged or in lotus position, sit up tall, imagine the crown of your head being pulled by a string towards the ceiling; gently drop your shoulders down away from your ears, you will literally begin to connect to the universal source – through good posture.

The majority of people today are on computers and/or smartphones and it leaves the spine in a contracted state, impeding the flow of energy up the spine – and an unimpeded flow of energy is the ultimate goal of practising yoga postures, whether for physical beauty or enlightenment. The Kundalini Shakti needs a clear central channel to move up the spine.

A bent spine is the enemy of Self-realization. In meditation, always hold your spine straight, that the life force may flow through it unobstructed.

– Yogananda

What are the Benefits of Good Posture?

We literally align ourselves with the gravitational pull of the planet. The hidden force or Shakti that aligns all the planets, moons, stars, the entire universe. We start to align ourselves into that flow. The flow of what is most natural. We begin to see everything that unfolds in our life as a natural outpouring of divine Grace.

As our tailbone gets long down towards the very core of the earth, you can visualize that from the core of the earth to the crown of your head, there is a straight line of light that shoots out into the universe. And as the earth spins, this line shoots its light out into the universe. We are aligned to the natural movement of the earth.

You’ll find that with good (or perfect) posture, your physical and mental movement becomes optimal. This is again, because we are physically aligned with source, which means we are generally more mentally aligned with source also. The state of flow becomes easier to access.

So you may be asking, how to improve posture? Well I have listed four ways below, plus two tools I highly recommend.

How to Improve Posture?

Engage Your Core Muscles

Your core muscles are the muscles in your trunk and torso that are responsible for supporting your spine. When you engage these muscles, it feels as though you’re wearing a tight-fitting spandex suit on your body because you have a “hugged-in” feeling. You feel empowered when you move from your core muscles.

Draw Your Belly In-and-Up and Your Tailbone Down

As your tailbone drops toward the floor, your legs strengthen, and you press your leg muscles up against the bone where they can support your body. You should feel the muscles hugging the bones as the bones begin lengthening.

Press Into All Four Corners of Your Feet

You root downward through the soles of your feet to create depth and stability. You should feel equal weight on the front and back of each foot as well as on the sides. Feel the corners of your heel and the ball or pad on the front of your foot—especially the area below your big toe and baby toes—pressing downward. You should also feel the arches of your feet gently lifting up as if energy from the front of your shins is pulling your arches up. The feeling continues through your knees as your thigh muscles gently lift your knees upward.

Stabilize & Centre Your Head Between Your Shoulders

Gaze forward with your chin naturally down, not lifted or tilted. Draw your shoulders away from your ears and your shoulder blades down your back. Make sure your chest is comfortable, spread your collarbones wide, and give a slight lift to your breast bone or sternum, lifting naturally. Stand with your hips aligned over your knees and with your knees over your heels.

Tools to Improve Posture

The Bioenergetic Stool and Inversion Table are by far the fastest ways to improve posture.

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