The Goddess as Your Own Body


This meditation is a way to recognize the omnipresent sacredness of the body by connecting it to the Goddess who is its source.

Shakti Body Meditation

Close your eyes, and bring your awareness to your breath. Have the understanding that your breath is being breathed by a vast and loving presence, the Shakti of the life-force. Let yourself be breathed. This is the Goddess as the power of breath, the life-force of the universe, who breathes through every living thing.

Goddess_BodyBe aware now of the flesh and bones of your physical body. Consider that your skin is made of vibrating energy particles and that these energies are the goddess herself, vibrating as the skin of your body. Think of leaves, of bark, of the outer coverings of seeds, of the topsoil of the earth. Consider that all these are forms of skin and that they are made of energy–energy that is the essence of the Goddess.

Consider your bones. Consider how the solidity of your bones mirrors the solidity of rock, of earth. Consider the other fleshy elements in your body, the organs and fat, and recognize that they too are filled with energy, made of energy, made of particles of Shakti, which is the Goddess.

Consider your blood and the other fluids in your body. Consider the fact that three-fourths of your body is fluid. Consider also the rivers and oceans of the world. Realize that the fluids in your body and the waters of the world are made of energy and that energy is the Goddess.

Consider the air that your breath, the air inside your lungs. Realize that the air is filled with particles of energy, particles of the Goddess. Be aware of the space inside your body, inside your cells, the space around you, the space within every object in your environment Realize that space is energy and that energy is the transformation of the Goddess in the physical world.

With your eyes closed, imaginatively recognize that your body is made of goddess energy. Look into your mind, and sense the thoughts and emotions rising and subsiding in your inner space. Realize that these too are subtle energy–fluid, ever-changing aspects of Shakti. Shakti has become your body and your mind. Shakti has become the world.

Meditate with the thought that the Goddess has become your body and mind. Meditate on the Goddess as the world. Recognize that all the movements, changes, and shifts in this universe are movements of Shakti. Let yourself feel the rhythm of the breath. Allow yourself to be breathed by the energy, the Shakti in the atmosphere. Recongize that the energy that breathes you, the air that your breath, the body and its energy, the thoughts that pass through your mind–all these are Shakti. Shakti is living your life.

Rest in this recognition.


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