The Perfect Breath

BreathIn Yoga class and meditation, I realize how perfect the breath is.

Each breath inhaled and exhaled – calm and effortless.

A simple breath. How beautiful. It creates life on Earth. It is the essence of being conscious.

However,  a very complicated process demonstrates the true beauty of breath.

Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide – connecting us to a perfect interconnected cycle with the plants and nature.

Our breath allows oxygen to flow through the body. The oxygen feeds each of our 50 trillion cells. Each cell becomes energized and can function in perfect harmony with each other.

Understand that a beautiful universe lies deep within you. A perfect system of interconnected vessels all working together for a greater purpose.

Each breath is a miracle. Once we understand the miracle – it becomes easy to remind yourself to be a little more positive.

So next time when life brings you down. Take a moment and enjoy – another simple breath.

And maybe one day when you look up to the sky – you will realize that everything is perfect.

Tip:  Breath allows us to control our emotions. Next time you feel negative emotions, take a few deep breaths and watch it vanish.

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