Oil Pulling

Introduction to Oil Pulling

Nithya Thaila Kriya or commonly known as “oil pulling” is a highly effective ayurvedic regime that will benefit the individual at the physical level and the energy level.

How do you perform Oil Pulling?

Oil_PullingThe way to perform oil pulling a is to take approximately 10 -15mls of sesame oil, organic coconut oil, or sunflower oil (if you are a pitta constitution) at room temperature. Put this oil into your mouth and commence swishing the oil around with your tongue and pull the oil through your teeth. This action can be performed for at least 10 – 20 minutes. Be sure while performing the oil pulling, not to swallow any of the oil, as the oil will contain toxins that have been extracted from your system. After 10 – 20 minutes, you can spit the oil out. Observe the oil once you have cleared it from your mouth. The oil should have a white and frothy appearance. After removing the oil, ensure that your rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

In regards to promoting cleansing and wellness in the bodily system, oil pulling is extremely beneficial. It has the capacity to heal any oral problems including bad breath, weak teeth, discolouration of teeth, unhealthy gums and ulcers of the mouth. It can heal a bad throat and also improve the sound of the voice.

The action of oil pulling also has a hidden beauty secret. The action can strengthen your jaw thus helping to improve a sagging or double chin. It can also help to lessen the appearance of wrinkles on the cheeks and face.

Oil pulling can cleanse the entire body of toxins.

At the energy level, it has been established that there is a direct connection between the oil pulling and the cleansing of the manipuraka chakra (solar plexus energy centre). All of our thoughts and our inner chatter originate from the manipuraka chakra; so, when it is clean, the thoughts undergo a radical change from being heavy and depressive to becoming light and positive. All the physical and mental toxins are flushed out with this simple technique. So, we start the day in a very light and vibrant state. We feel enthusiastic going about our daily chores.

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